About Me


This is my family, right around the time we embarked on our journey with Essential Oils 2.5 years ago.

When I first heard about essential oils, we also were foster parenting two additional children. Our whole family was getting sick at least 3-4x/month, and I was desperate to find a way that we could keep ourselves well and reinvent our daily habits. My sister in law invited me to start using these amazing oils, and I've been grateful for them every single day since!

Now, if you come over to our house, you can almost always find something "diffusing" in the air. If you were to stay for lunch, you'd see us making recipes using essential oils, or adding a few drops to our water to support our immune systems. And if you ever stuck around for cleaning day? You'd be treated to the delightful aroma of our all natural (and cheap!) cleaning supplies!